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The Applications are endless, but the most common are in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare (Care Homes, General Clinical and Dental)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Production, Packing, Clean Rooms)
  • Leisure (Common Areas, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Soft play Centres, Trampoline Parks)
  • Food & Beverage (Production, Bottling and Packing, Food Preparation Areas)
  • Marine & Vehicles (Yachts, Cruise Liners, Ships, Hire Cars & Trucks)
  • Hotels (Rooms, Public Areas, Mattresses, Seating, Fabrics, Food Production)
  • Restaurants (Kitchens, Storage Areas, Dining Areas and Toilet Facilities)
  • Workplace (Offices, Break-out Areas, Washrooms, Reception Areas, Meeting Rooms, Storerooms)
  • Residential & Offices (Individual Rooms, Home, Children's Nurseries, Playrooms, Saunas, Spa Rooms & Home Gyms)


What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a unique acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water.
HOCl (a Reactive Oxygen Species) is produced in small quantities naturally in the human body by white blood cells through a process called phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is an important process in the human body and is one of the primary mechanisms for dealing with bacterial and viral invaders.
It is possible to produce HOCl via the electrolysis of a weak salt solution via an electrochemical cell. These Electrochemically Activated Solutions (ECAS) have been shown to exhibit broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity which has the potential to be widely adopted within the healthcare environment. Numerous studies have found ECAS to be highly efficacious, as both a novel environmental decontaminant and a topical agent. 

How can it be used effectively to rapidly decontaminate spaces?

The systems used to produce and deliver HOCl are important in order to ensure the stability, efficacy and effectiveness of the product. British manufacturers are working with UK University Scientists to ensure that the best available technologies are adopted and developed for the production and delivery of HOCl for effective decontamination of spaces such as dental treatment rooms. For dental clinical spaces, there is the option of a process that can be applied frequently and ensures the safety of staff and patients whilst reducing the fallow time between patients. Considering the biocompatibility, effectiveness, material compatibility and the environment, electrochemically produced HOCl delivered in an effective manner addresses some of the major challenges currently facing all dental practices in the UK.

Why is HOCl better than other chemicals or disinfectants?

Electrochemically produced HOCl has two distinct advantages over other commonly used decontaminants. Firstly, it is known to be a magnitude more effective than bleach in terms of its efficacy (x100) and speed (seconds) of kill/inactivation of microorganisms. In addition, it is bio-compatible, has no environmental legacy and is compatible with a wide range of materials.  It is entirely organic, harmless if ingested, contains no alcohol and is gentle on the skin, at the same time as being scientifically proven against bacteria, viruses and fungi with longer-lasting protection compared to alcohol-based disinfectants.

What to watch out for!

Due diligence on any electrochemically produced HOCl solution that is intended for use in clinical spaces is required. This may mean the production of relevant British / European Standards (BSEN) certificates and the demonstration that any solution that is used leaves minimal or no residue after multiple applications. If incorrectly produced and delivered, then HOCl products may leave a white residue on surfaces and impact on some materials.  Properly stabilised and polished HOCl solutions will leave 10% less residue in a petri dish test, compared to some of the current common HOCl based products on the market.

Alternate Abbreviations For Hypochlorous Acid Searched For

We have found that persons have been searching for Terms related to Hypochlorous Acid that are not popular terms in the industry. HOCL or HOCL Acid is one term that is searched for and is, we believe, a common misspelling of the HOCI or HOCI Acid abbreviation. Furthermore, HCIO or HCIO Acid is another legitimate abbreviation used. In conclusion, whether referred to as HOCL, HOCI or HCIO, persons all seem to be in search of this very effective form of sanitisation: Hypochlorous Acid.

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